Garage Sale turns Garden Walk

 We saw a garage sale sign
 and followed it to Linda's home.
 That would be Linda of Landscapes by Linda.
 Her landscape art was for sale,
 and she generously let us roam her incredible cottage-style yard and gardens.
 She told us that much of her For Sale items
sold yesterday.
 We hope to get a "heads up" about her next one!
 Of course, I asked before I took all these pictures...
 I was flabbergasted!
 I chattered all the way home.
 I was amazed at how much she packed into a relatively small space.

 Needless to say, I returned home with ideas to incorporate into OUR yard.
 For right now, though, all I can think about is Linda's talent,
 friendliness, generosity,
 and creativity!
 My wheels are spinning!


  1. oh goodness! my wheels are now spinning too! love that chair with the arrangement on it...I have an old chair just like that taking up space in the basement...and that mirror...who would ever have thought to do that?!!

  2. I would love to wander through a place like that. She is so creative!

  3. I love her talent and all her creations and I love that she let you take pictures and I love that you chose to show them to us... 'cause I love "Garden Junk"

    1. Oh, me, too! Some would see the great plants/flowers (which I did to some extent...), but MY eyes went FIRST to the "Garden Junk"!

  4. What a wonderful place to visit. Lots of great ideas for sure.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  5. Oh, my...I like it all. I'm so glad I'm not the only person who likes RUST!!! ;-)

  6. I would have hyperventilated on the spot...LOL..I can see your mind spinning like a wheel...what a fun stimulating day for you.

  7. Oh wow, what a cool tour. Love to see how people make neat things out of broken or otherwise seemingly unuseable things.
    She is very talented at that to say the least. I can see why
    your mind wheels are spinning, mine would be too. Seeing others creativity spurs ours on too.
    Have a great week hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  8. maybe we can all meet for a garden tour over at Rebecca's house??

    1. I'd be happy to post a Garden Party! We could all go see Linda's place (and a couple of others I know about....)

  9. I LOVE the ideas in this post and will never look at a piece of 'junk' in quite the same way :0) Everything CAN be re-purposed!