A New Bed

Inspired by Wilson Street (see previous post), we returned home
ready to take the plunge and create a new bed.
I laid out a general shape with the garden hose,
and he began digging - edging to make an outline of area to be turned over.
Maybe about 1/3 done (above)...I started removing the small stones
 that had been placed around the feet of the bush when it was just a  wee one.
We'll wait for the clumps to dry and grass to die
before breaking it up and planting
hosta and sedum that desperately need to be divided from our other flower beds.

 (If I don't get too impatient, we'll probably pile some leaves & grass clippings
here and let them enrich the soil before planting next spring.)
It's going to be lovely.
How do YOU go about creating a new flower bed?


  1. It's always fun to plan a new flower bed. I'm to the point that I just roundup the area and let the grass die from that and by the next spring all of the roots have died also.

  2. That would be another way to try, Cher! (We THINK we remember doing it the way we're doing this one before. I think another time we put layers of newspaper over it and wet it down thoroughly - then maybe leaves on top of that and turned over the next spring. Hmmmmmm. Wonder if I blogged it? I'll have to look!)

  3. We do the same thing. THe hose is a great way to visualize the space.

  4. That is great. We use hoses to to plan the shape. I've gone to scalping the lawn, covering with thick wet newspapers and mulching the area a year out from planting. Saves all the digging. But, harder to put in a lot of plants at once. Can't wait to see your new bed develop.

  5. Nice work! Reminds me that I haven't dug a new bed in a while ... and I know just where I can put one.

  6. I've done lasagna beds in the past, layers of cardboard, then compost materials on top of that. Digging the sod and turning it over works really well too. Good idea to add leaves and grass clippings to rot over the winter.

    1. I think we did "lasagna" once, too - maybe newspaper?

  7. How exciting to have a new area to plant! We have no more space for a new area, but I am content. We did it different ways, usually involving a tiller, but no herbicides.

  8. Hooray for your new bed! It will look glorious!