Wilson Street

It's been awhile since we stopped in to this beautiful yard
on Wilson Street in Bryan, OH.
  An amazing place - with many beds containing a great variety of plants.
 The gardener was at work, but graciously put aside her hoe
and walked with us, answering questions
 and sharing her knowledge and experience

We found this place quite by accident several years ago
and it's been awhile since we stopped in.
Today, I just had the urge and we made a special trip.
 It was SO worth it.


  1. What a great place! I'd love to visit here!

    1. As interesting the flower beds is the gardener. I understand she has an annual sale around Mother's Day and is well known in her community......She has been gracious to us each time we have stopped and asked to stroll in her yard :)

  2. Yowsa! That's a lovely garden! Gardeners are the most interesting and gracious people. I'm glad that you made a special trip to see this delightful space and even happier that you shared it. Lots of interesting ideas to borrow. Love that gazebo - is that a satellite dish on top?

    1. Could be! (Satellite dish) I'll look closer (or ask) the next time we stop.