Free for the Viewing

 After Sunday dinner,
a stroll through the County Extension Gardens.
 Thanks to all the Master Gardeners who work to keep this garden interesting
in addition to their own.
Several Monarch butterflies and many, many bees
were obviously thankful, too.
 It really was a visual treat
 which we shared with a couple of friends.
I always enjoy studying the combination of plants
both potted and in the beds.
 Whether viewed en masse
 or appreciated one by one,
 the flowers here are impressive.
 And the admission price is right, too!
 Annual and perennial beauty --
 free for the viewing!
My friend suggested I take & label the last photo
"Beauty and the Beast".
Beauty and the Beast
So I did.


  1. Beautiful places to stroll through! Beauty and the beast is perfect!

  2. I agree about the coleus! I'm going to try to root a few a friend gave me over winter to plant next spring (my grandmother used to do this with GREAT success).