just the way they are

I exited the doors after my physical therapy session this morning 
and found the groundsman hard at work.
The back of his pick up truck was loaded with hydrangea cuttings...
 and he was still at work in one of the flower beds.
Timidly I inquired if the hydrangeas were already spoken for.
He seemed a little puzzled by my question 
and not unhappy that I helped myself to an armful!
Upon arriving home, I unloaded them onto a rusted chair.
I'm not sure WHAT I'll do with them.
They look quite nice just the way they are.


  1. Yes, they do look quite nice just the way they are. You were smart to grab them.

  2. They are great the way they are! Later, they can be spray painted and used as Christmas decorations!

  3. Good find for you! Just set them in a vase and let them dry. :)

    1. And then (as Peter says) paint 'em for Christmas!