Venturing No Further Than...

our back porch to try to capture the colors
that are so beautiful to the eye...
Later this morning, we'll travel a few miles to visit my parents.
Along the way--fields of corn and beans in various stages of harvest...
pumpkin stands, and trees.
Gloriously colored trees, taking my breath away with their beauty.


  1. The colors are really starting to pop here too. Glad you're getting out a little. Hope that means you're healing well!

    1. I'm pleased to be out a little more, Mari. My husband has driven me to see my parents several times over the past couple of weeks. This has been great therapy for me in addition to the prescribed P.T. :)

  2. Sounds like a good trip. We haven't yet got ourselves a pumpkin for Halloween.

  3. Hang in there! I'm glad you are finding things to enjoy.

  4. Gosh! Love you have so much fall color. It has really been stunning this year too.

  5. Beautiful colors! Hope you enjoyed your visit with your parents!