A local greenhouse/nursery posted the sign yesterday - "FREE".  A friend saw it on her way to work and called me.  By the time I got there (early afternoon), much of the stock was gone.  I couldn't believe it was for real, but an employee assured me it was!  "One wagon load per customer, please."

If there had been any perennials, they were gone.  But I came home with several healthy-looking geraniums, coleus (only one variety left) and a couple of tomato plants which are planted amidst hosta and sedum in our most sun-lit flower bed.


  1. Awesome! I've had greenhouses give me extra plants late in the season when I've purchased some but never all out free. You may be able to overwinter the geraniums and the coleus inside. Enjoy the free flowers.

  2. Never heard of free flowers...except from friends!