Too Hot to Handle

My current Garden Reading....

It seems to be hot and humid EVERYwhere!  I find myself moving slower, tiring quicker, and being rather lazy about my flower beds right now.  Meanwhile, I am enjoying a couple of "reads"...  I requested The 3,000 Mile Garden at our local library and am enjoying the correspondence between a Londoner gardener and one from Maine.

When I'm finished, I plan to begin Stillmeadow Daybook.  I don't believe I've read it (but even if I had, I'd enjoy re-reading anything by Gladys Taber).  I purchased this copy at a garage sale this past Thursday.

Do you have a favorite gardening book or author? And how do you spend YOUR hours when the temperatures are "too hot to handle"?


  1. Will have to request these two books from my library...reading a fabulous book on hydrangeas right now. In fact, will probably purchase a copy for myself and my daughter. It is too hot to do much of anything outside...very early in the morning and late in the evening are the only times we walk or do much in the gardens.

  2. When it's this hot, I water when I can (including myself). Seems like there is always plenty to do inside without having to look for stuff including blogging now!

  3. Hi Rebecca, Your books are the perfect way to stay cool. Ah, a nice glass of tea and a good movie would be perfect! I spend my indoor time working on my landscape design or reading or cleaning and cooking. I much prefer it outside-easier somehow:)