Some recent flowers in my garden. 
By the way, is anyone else having problems uploading pictures into your posts?  And some of my previously posted pictures have disappeared from their spots.  I'm desperately in need of help if you can give it!


  1. Your flowers look good.
    I haven't noticed any photos disappearing. Sometimes, it puts photos at the top of my post and I have to drag them down to the bottom.

  2. I'm not having a problem since yesterday. Your blog takes a while to load, are you sure your photos are not too large, run the mouse over them in your pictures and see if any say 1.5 MB instead of 165 KB. That can be a problem, good luck, pretty flowers, Gina

  3. If you are using the original editor on blogger and while posting, you happen to rearrange any photos on your post...those photos lose their connection and can't be enlarged whrn click on and may disappear even!

    Or the problem can just be blogger's and is only temporary and they will reappear.

  4. Liatris looks happy. Mine flops:(

    Sometimes blogger disappears whole pictures and parts of posts. I noticed it happens when I'm moving stuff around. Quite frustrating. When it happens I just go and get the code and reinsert since the photo is already there in Picasa. The writing is more the issue-think more typing. You have a nice weekend. P.S. Some hydrangeas do better under black walnuts than others but so far all of hers are doing well.