Bits and Pieces

The second tree we had cut down...dying and too close to the garage.
Even in the pieces, beauty.
I took the cushions out for the first time.  I almost forgot I had them.  We're rearranging the chairs on our small patio.  Once it gets cooler, we might actually enjoy it out there! 


  1. The cut piece looks like a heart, Rebecca! Beautiful!
    So sorry you had to lose the tree though.

    My blog is not cooperating at all! It will not post for me. Jerelene said she saw my title but it just sent her to my last post.
    It says on my blog that I posted successfully but when I look, it's not there. Oh well.
    Stay cool!
    Love to you,

  2. I wanted it very MUCH to look like a heart, but I saw more of a mushroom :(

  3. It is really something that beautiful old trunk. Have a great weekend.

  4. You are going to have a lot of new sunny places to plant! Hope it cools down enough for you to enjoy the seating.

  5. The tree guys have been busy at your place! Do you have fireplaces to burn the wood?