Inside and Outside

Outside, the frost was on the bowling ball - and the berries this morning!
I thought it interesting that the hosta & sedum collaborated to make a sort of wreath...visible now that the rain has washed away the snow temporarily.
Now to get down to inside "BUSINESS"...
Is anyone interested in any of these books? (You probably know you can click on the pictures to enlarge them and see the titles better...)
In my intentions to declutter in 2011, I am regretfully ready to 
pass these on. 
Make me an offer for the whole lot of them (I'm VERY motivated), or specify your choice at $3 each (plus postage). There are a few classics here.  I have simply run out of room.


  1. First, I can't wait to see your garden this spring....I bet it's wonderful. You obviously know a lot about grdening from all the books....and what a great idea...selling them!! I recently needed space in my library to make room for picture boxes of the grandchildren so had to clear out. I chose to delete LOTS of cookbooks...I had a terrific potpourri of them that I was not using. They ended up going to the library for their annual sale.
    More cleaning to do for the new year...buh humbug! (Ha!)

  2. Donna, I DON'T practice everything in these books. I just like having a resource or two (or twenty)!

    I did the same thing with my cookbooks. We'll see how this goes - and where they end up...

  3. I thought I was the only one with a bowling ball in my garden..........mine is under the avocado trees and hardly EVER gets frosty!

  4. HAHA... oh you made my day showing the bowling ball. This year I plan to plant a few new oddball things as well.

    Looks like your decluttering is going well!
    Every now and then I take a load to the salvation army and it just feels great to rid of too much stuff sometimes doesn't it?!!

    Have a great day Rebecca!!!
    Hope your mailbox is flooding with seed catalogs!