A Winter Addition to your Gardening Library

 A vintage (1957) 231 page gardening book in its dustcover
filled with beautiful paintings by Else Bostelmann
illustrating both flower and vegetable gardens from all over the world.
 Additional photos, illustrations and extensive written descriptions
make this book an interesting diversion
 on days that look like THIS!
Scene on the way to the grocery store today.

I am selling the book for $2 plus postage. 
Inquire in your comment if you're interested.
(I believe it would be a welcome addition to ANY gardener's library.)
Do YOU have a favorite vintage gardening book???


  1. Great way to "garden" during the winter.
    Stay warm.

  2. Pretty pictures Rebecca!
    And yall have ALOT of snow! brrrrrr!
    I have to tell you... I LOVE the William Henry Channing quote on your sidebar!