Where There's Shadow, There MUST Be Sun!

It seems we haven't had enough blue sky in January! 
But this LAST day of the month began with blue sky and sunshine.
I'll shed no tears for January tomorrow.


  1. We hardly ever see snow.......and at any given time through the year, you can *look* and see August! Our neighbor's yard is *electric* green. Our our back yard windows there are oak trees with all of their leaves.....just as in Summer. I enjoy seeing your real winter pictures!

  2. We've had a bit of sun too lately, it's melted most of the snow, but an ice storm is on the way! Hope we see some signs of Spring in late February!

  3. Love the blue bell! We are battened down for an ice storm. Think most of the snow is headed your way. Our porch and driveway are already very slick and icy. Made two soups and banana bread today so we won't starve...;-) Yes, the sunshine is definitely a brachah.