Keeping it Real in October

Between rain and poison ivy, I haven't been active
in our flower beds the past few weeks.
 So here they are--some of them at least--
in their "real" and rather natural condition.

 I'm not sure I've ever shown this windchime.
 It hangs in an evergreen tree next to the side entrance of our front porch.
It's sound is soft and light.  Cheerful.

 I FINALLY got the two huechera plants and the white mum planted yesterday.
It meant uprooting and dividing a rather large hosta...
which meant finding a place for the two divisions.
It is what it is.
There are weeds to pull and poison ivy to kill.
The weather is near perfect.  
It is a joy to be out and about
and keeping it real in October.


  1. It's looking good - even though it's real!

  2. Your garden looks really pretty. I love all the Sedum blooming. I have some plants that have been sitting and waiting to get planted for awhile. It can be hard to find a space that doesn't mean moving several other plants first.

  3. Poison ivy sure does well in my gardens too. I almost always watch what I'm pulling and instead get out the round up or clippers. Hate that stuff. Your sedum looks great-even in the shade it is doing well.

  4. How nice that you're getting good weather. I hope you can get rid of the poison ivy without any skin mishaps. The sedums are very pretty.

  5. Your sedums are so pretty. That's one flower I've never had.. I might look for some. I love your "real" flower gardens. Mine are "real" too!