more october

The tree in foreground is almost bare--its leaves on ground in prior post...Very few walnuts this year.  What's up with that?
Newly composed vignette on front porch
My husband wired this lamp yesterday -- one of a pair purchased at a garage sale.


  1. Now that all really looks like Autumn. Very nice.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Great job on the lights! Autumn is there but not here just yet....

    Skeeter (In the Garden with Tina)

  3. Nice find on the lamp! I love it. I also love your background photo. Gorgeous!

  4. Love your style Rebecca! I can't get over the lamp "find!" Good job to your Hubster getting that rewired for you! Everything looks so beautiful there and I love your goose decoy! What's her name? ;)