Only God Can Make a Tree

A few years ago, this proud tree took a strong blow as it was trimmed
to accommodate power lines that never materialized.
 Seasons have come and gone.
Undaunted, the tree weathers them.
Dignified and determined.
 Today the sky turned a deep and undeniable blue
as if to draw attention to the remaining color
of this grand friend.
I think that I shall never see
a poem as lovely as a tree.
(I believe someone has already claimed those two lines.)


  1. A blue sky is the perfect background for a big ole beautiful tree!

    Skeeter (In the Gardne w/ Tina)

  2. Trees are so very special to me for all the reasons you have stated. They suffer so many abuses but give us so much in the form of shade and shelter and color and I could go on and on. This is an oak or maple? If it is an oak it has lovely color. Ours are mostly brown.

  3. It IS a maple. It had been quite red/ toward the end more yellow....