Late Bloomers

These recent garage sale purchases 
join the late bloomers in our yard.
I couldn't resist taking the pictures.

 I believe all the mums - and a few more than I've pictured here -
came from one plant.
(They do well here.)
They're rather straggly this year.  
I need to learn how and when to trim them 
to achieve a more rounded appearance.
Meanwhile, I'm just enjoying the multitude of these beautiful
Late Blooming Flowers!


  1. The late blooms are such a pleasure! We've been enjoying some too and I'm planning my own late bloomers post about them. Yours are lovely, and I like the recent additions as well!

  2. The morel mushrooms are awesome! Your mums look well rounded and happy to me. They and the sedum make quite a show!

  3. Those garage sale finds are great. Good job.
    Your late bloomers are very pretty.
    The old wives tale I've been told on mums is you can pinch them back until July 4. They need the time from then until they bloom to make the buds.

  4. I loved those blue flowers. Are they mums also?

  5. Ann,

    The blue are asters. (I thought I'd lost them. Then all of a sudden, there they were!)

  6. Cute garden additions and lovely late bloomers, Rebecca!

  7. What great finds. I would have snatched them up also. Lots of lovely blooming also.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. Beautiful flowers and I love your garage sale goodies.

  9. I wish I could walk through your gardens with you!