Coming and Going

 While I was visiting this little guy who is fighting a 
 nasty rhinovirus,
 things in our yard and flowerbeds were coming and going!
 The roses are coming on strong.  The bushes are covered with blossoms.

 Soon the clematis will be out in full, colorful force, too!
 The iris are saying their good-byes...
 at the same time the lavender says, "Hello!"
From the comfort of our newly refurbished swing/glider
I take in the sights of the peony's "coming"
 the flowering of  its neighbors in the flower bed...
 and the "going" of the stone path, newly cleared of its weeds.
 What beautiful weather we are enjoying!
A rain would be welcomed just about now...


  1. Your little guy is a sweetie! Hope he feels better soon.
    Beautiful flowers!

  2. So hope your little grandson will be home soon, Rebecca.

  3. The babies so sweet. Hope he's doing better now. Your blooms are look lovely and I love that path.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I hope he's doing well. So tiny to have all that going on.