All Paths...

 We visited our local County Extension Gardens
 late this afternoon.
 (Can you see the butterfly in the bottom left-hand corner of this stone?)
 I decided to try to photograph all the foot paths in this amazing place.
 Unfortunately, I hadn't changed the indoor setting on my camera
that I'd used earlier in the day.
 Thus...not the quality of pictures that I'd hoped for...
 but enough to show the great diversity of materials and designs
 used to create paths and walkways.

 Even the Prairie Section below had navigable paths!

 I have a path or two to change/expand back at "the ranch"!
 I'm gathering ideas in the "Path" section of my Pinterest account.
 One of these days, we'll come up with a plan to execute...

 Every stone in the path that these two lie in
 has a different design!

 Whether stones, mulch, gravel, or plain old dirt,
 all these paths were enjoyable to walk.
 Thanks to the Master Gardeners who plan and work
to maintain this quality place!


  1. Those are some great paths. Interesting how many different ideas that others can come up with.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Rebecca I just love those pathways! It's like looking at them... makes me want to keep going and seeing whats around the very next bend!
    I put stepping stones in just in front of the potting shed and most of em... I can't even find anymore. Now I wanna go dig em back up. lol
    THANKS! You "rock!" haha