I know nothing about iris
 except that I put their roots into the ground,
 tamp the dirt snugly around them,
 and wonder what colors I'll enjoy in the coming seasons!
 Because I fail to write down information,
I tend to forget from WHOM/WHERE I got WHAT!
It doesn't matter.
 They take my breath away with their colors!
Such beauty for such little investment.


  1. They are so elegant and beautiful!

  2. You have some lovely Iris. One of the most beautiful flowers I think. I been taking photos of mine too.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Lovely assortment of Iris, Rebecca! Not only do they put on a colorful show, but do a good job of spreading too, don't they!

  4. You are doing something right, Rebecca, they are absolutely beautiful.

  5. Oh how I love irises! They make me think of my mom. Your colors are beautiful.

  6. I love that you have a variety of Irises. The purple ones look like velvet. I think I'll suggest RB plant some.

  7. Your irises are beautiful and you have a nice collection! I call them the Purple one, the Yellow one, etc. LOL, I dont think it matters if we know the names or not. As long as we enjoy their beauty. I may miss out on some blooms this year as I divided them before they bloomed. Not sure they are happy about that. But I did pick up two new ones and hoping they will bloom for me…