Iris and More

 These are my "backyard" iris--roots donated by my brother,
 dormant for an entire year before I planted them!
Now they're lined up and waiting to unfold...
 These yellow blooms hadn't opened yesterday for my Iris I post...
 but look at them now!

 And the columbine!  SO sweet.  SO shy.


  1. Very pretty and I'm sure you think of him every time you look at them. Been getting photos this week soon, have to get my Iris posted.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Irises are one of those plants that will sleep for you. Makes them easy to share. Yours look good.

  3. If I could be a flower ..I would be an iris...strong... resilient and beautiful and can survive just about anywhere. It also stands proud.

    1. What an observation, Dee. In many ways, you ARE an iris, I believe...

  4. Everything looks so fresh and spring-y - my best iris are passalong plants, and love the columbines too!

  5. I love the Iris, especially their perfume. I too had a bunch of bulbs from the last place we lived laying around for at least a year or more. They've been thriving against the foundation of our back porch. Now they have grown rapidly and I need to separate the plants so I can place them somewhere else. I'm so glad I've had these Iris to lug around to each home.