Monday Meanderings

The weather was nigh PERfect all day Monday.
In the evening, I prevailed upon The Husband 
to hang this little banner I'd found in the FREE box at a garage sale over the weekend!
 I was camera ready to capture the flag....
 so when my eyes were WOWED by the emergence of  new color combinations
 in our various flower beds,
I started snapping away!
 The Husband mowed the yard, after which
 we puttered some more...trimming some branches here and there
 and removing some volunteer trees taking root in undesirable places.
 This American flag was also a "freebie".  
 We chose this spot on our front porch to hang it.
I wonder how soon we'll enjoy such a mild and wonderful
day such as this again? 
(If you missed my previous post showing the bouquet I assembled
from weeds growing on the vacant property next door,
I invite you to take a peek!)


  1. Your flowers are looking very pretty! I love that flag too!

  2. Wonderful freebies! Love the color combinations and the wildflower weeds make a beautiful vase of flowers! Makes one look differently about weeds.

  3. You can find the best stuff....

  4. Beautiful flowers and I like your flag on the porch!