Gatescroft in July

 Extremely wet weather has made it difficult
 to keep up with weeds and trimming around Gatescroft!
 The result is rather wild-looking flower beds,
 mushrooms in the yard, and grass that is too long!
 If it doesn't rain today, it ought to be perfect conditions for some serious weed-pulling,
 and hopefully my husband will be able to get the lawn mowed after work!

It's pleasantly cool this morning as we assess the tasks piling up for us!
For some reason, this morning was the first I realized that I've lost
 at least a couple of astilbes, a blue aster and some liatris (which were hard to
keep thinned out last year).  This makes me sad.
Oh well.  At least the Russian sage is growing enthusiastically.


  1. Sorry about your plant losses! Your yard art is cool! Love the blue glass and bed spring wreath with the flag! Your wild look is quite attractive!

  2. The rain is keeping me on my toes with weed patrol as well. Enjoying all this rain as we are normally under drought conditions but the weeds are going strong. Sigh, but I reckon weeding is a big part of a gardeners life in the garden. Just happy I can get out there and tackle the job with overcast days this summer.

    The stroll through the farm was wonderful and what a treat to arrive home with a lily to greet you!

    Happy Summer...

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I have been spending less time blogging, and too much time on Facebook. Someone was asking for recommendations for tree trimming, and I went to a blog post I did a few years ago about our silver maple having to be cut down. You had left a comment on that post, so here I am, enjoying your "wild" flower beds. I had fun looking at your previous posts, too. We had lots of rain this spring, as well, but it's been hot and dry the last few weeks. I enjoyed seeing your blooms and cool old stuff you have around. I am sorry some of your plants did not make it.