AGORA on Waldo's Hill

 Only halfway through my "tour" of AGORA yesterday
did I realize I had something blurring my camera lens.
 Oh, well.  I did my best to edit the photos to show
features that caught my eye in the landscape that surrounds 
this new coffee shoppe/gathering spot in Antwerp, OH.
 Casual and rustic are two words I'd use to describe it--
both of which are right up my alley!
 The steps lead up to two lovely get-away bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.
The view from the top was lovely.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it.

Flowers, shrubs, trees and plants tell such a tale;
make a statement; build anticipation; set the tone...
all without making a sound.
 I wish Cindy and her shoppe much success.  I hope to return frequently 
 to watch the development of the sweet yard & gardens.


  1. Love that dovecot. I too like casual and rustic. It gives an 'at home' feel.

  2. We have similar taste...i just don't have a yard :) Your photo's look like fancy editing...I like them

  3. I love your photos! Just like Dee said, they look like you used some special filters to get those effects! It looks like you had a great time! Yes, do try impatiens! You won't be disappointed (as long as you water them! ha ha). Enjoy your beautiful weather!!

  4. Hi Rebecca - just stopped by to say hi and catch up on a lot of your posts. Lovely photos.

    1. Are you still blogging? I can't FIND you? I miss you.