Critters and Creatures

This critter is what started the wheels turning in my mind this morning...
I went out to find yet another 1.5" of rain had fallen during the night
 One thing led to another.
 Before long, I think I had photographed about every
reptile, bug, or mammal artificially posed in our yard.
(Well, not the cat or cardinals which have already
had their "day in the sun" in this blog....)

 Several showed signs of washed up dirt - 
indicating the force of the rain that fell during the night.
Others hung high enough to avoid the mud bath.

I'm not sure where to safely place THIS latest craft project of mine.
I'd purchased the bunny in its unfinished condition many moons ago
 and only yesterdayapplied some pale green stain, tacked in some eyes,
and strung beads and a bell around its neck.
WhereEVER the bunny lands, I think he'll find company.
What critters inhabit YOUR garden spaces?


  1. How fun to see all your lovely ornaments!

  2. I of course love the bunny the best. I have a huge spider in my bird bath, owls on my fence, a cupcake by the violets, a new very fat frog, a small plastic milk cow in a flower pot, a little bird and copper kitten on a pot. The more critters, the better. I guess a cupcake isn't a critter, is it?