I Couldn't Help Noticing...

 ...that the Rose of Sharon bush is blooming
 ...how tall the day lilies are
 ...the way lavender and orange complement each other
 ...the variety of lilies I had forgotten in our flower beds
 ...the way bee balm is blooming again
 ...how fast these black-eyed Susans spread
(and that I don't remember if that's really what they actually are)
...the berries (or are they "hips") forming on a viburnum bush.

What are YOU noticing in YOUR yard or garden today?


  1. What wonders you've noticed! Gardens give us so much at which to marvel. Mostly, I've noticed that my garden has carried on without as much help from me as it usually gets. (Health issue made gardening painful during much of April - June but that's all cleared up now, thank goodness!) It feels so good to be out there again! Happy gardening!

  2. I've noticed all the rain and water we got again today. I've noticed that my husband has finally cut all the azaleas out by the road "way back"... lower than the split rail fence... He has really worked hard trying to get everything under control once again. The tiger lilies are putting on their show and the impatients are coming up everywhere.

    1. It has been hard keeping things "under control" around here! We finally had a day without rain! It's sure been a long, wet spell.

  3. You just reminded me, I need to check on my neighbor's Rose of Sharon for bloom. I love how it attracts butterflies and I have seen so few this year. It is not like the flush of them last year unfortunately. What I noticed today is WEEDS. Oh I need to get out there before the weeds start making there own beds.