and at home....surprises

 While I was taking the Home and Garden tour (see previous post),
 surprises were forming EVERYwhere in our flower beds!
 No matter how many years I've enjoyed this phenomena,
 it always catches me by, well....


  1. Some of mine are blooming and others aren't. Need to check the depth of the ones.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. Same here, Cher. (Some blooming; some not.) And I think they are a little later than last year...last year a friend of mine thought her's were late by comparison and they were blooming on the 5th of I'm thinking mine were earlier.

  2. I love those surprises too!

  3. What wonderful surprises! Such wonderful plants! Every year when I see these blooming, I make a mental note to get some for my own garden. Lately, my mental note taking is more like using an upside down etch a sketch so I usually forget by bulb ordering time. Maybe this year, with your beautiful post as a reminder, I'll remember.

  4. I understand very well how you feel for I feel the same each year watching the blooming in my garden.
    What is this strange plant ? the pink one ?

    Have a beautiful week, enjoying your surprising garden.


  5. Yes. It is time for the naked ladies! I mean surprise lilies. :-)