the Redemption of the Extension Gardens

 Several weeks ago we visited our local Extension Gardens
 and were disappointed with its appearance....
 I NOW think it was just that we caught it at a bad time.

 Today we revisited it, and we were happy to see how it had filled out.

 I think the hydrangea were my favorite view today...
although there was plenty of loveliness everywhere!

Under the careful eyes and skillful hands of many Master Gardeners, 
this public garden is at once an educational and thoroughly enjoyable experience.


  1. Always good to check back on gardens. Your extension has a lot of space to garden. Very nice.

  2. Lovely gardens and well worth the trip back to see them again.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. You're SO right, Cher. Other summers we've gone back more frequently than this one. Most plants are labeled, so that makes it very educational for us (in addition to the splendor of the plants themselves....)

  3. I'm glad you went back! What a lovely garden, so full an lush. Sad to think that the frost will come all too soon.