One Thing Leads to Another

 My husband's thorough garden shed cleaning last night
uncovered some long-forgotten potential Yard Art!
 So we hung THIS particular piece on the front porch,
 and I went to work stenciling the two sides of this shovel/spade.
(Do you know how difficult it is to think of single words to deck a spade?!?)
 I waited for morning's light - which comes much later these days - to take these photos.
I couldn't quite capture the true essence of our side yard
 or the lavender flowers on this hosta as I rounded the front corner of our house,.
but, as you can see, one thing led to another...


  1. What cool new yard art! Finding forgotten treasure is one of the best things about cleaning a space!

  2. Your yard is very pretty and I really like your new yard art!

  3. The Hosta bed is lovely. I love to see beautiful foliage plants. Always feels good to get an area cleaned up and especially if you find forgotten items.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. Nice and clever reuse. I like when old becomes new!