Mid-August Reflections

An over-sized salvaged grill grate 
temporarily guards one of my hostas
 while two old chairs support kindling wood for an evening fire.
I potted a part of one of the hardy mums that (in spite of a couple of trimmings)
grew HUGE early.  I think this potted part is going to survive.  (Haven't tried it before....)
I'm sure that very soon I'll need to trim off both of these flowering plants.
They've brought me so much pleasure - lots of bang for the buck!
The lovely cool days have made it easy to enjoy our yard the past few days.
I have also enjoyed my visits to many of the sites I've listed in the sidebar.
Beauty surrounds us!


  1. Your grill grate looks like a big spider web! The chairs holding the wood are cool and the medallion leaning against the chair legs is very nice! Thinking about trimming your Black-eyed Susans and Naked ladies...egad, the summer is flying! Wasn't it just spring?

    1. I thought so (spider web), too. And yes! It WAS just spring.

  2. Great big wooden chairs! Greetings from Poland.

  3. You have such a good eye for what works... Now I'm looking to see if we have any of those things around here... Love the grill and the chairs in your gardens...