Cool Morning Reflections

 Compared to the flamboyant display of the day lilies and Russian sage,
our black-eyed Susans appear unusually timid.
It's rather unusual, I think.
They usually are pushy and bloom with little concern of overtaking 
everything else around them.
Meanwhile, the hosta are following the examples
of the day lilies and sage!
The unseasonably cool weather we're currently enjoying 
makes strolling in our yard SO delightful.


  1. Like you all my Hosta have been blooming away. I've been out pruning them out. I grow them for their foliage anyway. I leave them for a while though. The cooler weather has been a joy the last couple days and I got a lot done in the gardens.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. Yes, the hosta blooms get a little scuffy fast. I'll be cutting them back soon, too.

  2. Your cool weather sounds as wonderful as your blooms look! We're having a bit of a heat wave but it is supposed to cool to the mid seventies tomorrow. Hooray!

  3. It sounds just like our area. It's a happy time for flowers!

  4. I am SO enjoying this weather too! It is such a delight to get this kind of weather in July so no wonder the garden is enjoying it. I bet those brown eyes will be popping in a few short weeks. Just give them some time.

  5. It has been cooler here which has been nice for all the blooming plants. It looks like your plants enjoy it as well. My black-eyed susan are just starting to open, so they seem timid too.

  6. The cool weather that started today was a blessed relief after the unending sauna we had the previous few days.