Years - MANY years - ago, we "lifted the skirts" (thanks to Outlaw Gardener for this 
apt description) of this odd evergreen that we inherited when we bought the house. 
We liked the trimmed up version better than the original.
 However, its triple peaks have been annoying me for quite awhile.
 It was time to give it a hair cut.  
 And so he did.
Not perfect.  But SO much better.

 Tara Dillard posted this quote that is VERY reassuring to me--
particularly during THIS season of our lives: 
"A little studied negligence is becoming to a garden."
~Eleanor Perenyi, 1918-2009, American Author of Green Thoughts


  1. What a great trim job! I really like the quote too.

  2. So many people just look at putting green shrubs in without thinking about the ultimate size or go by the nursery tags for size which indicates the size at around 10 years. I did that myself in years past not knowing it wasn't the ultimate size.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Your arborvitae looks very interesting with its trimmed up legs and rounded head. Good job!

  4. I agree, it does look better.

  5. Love the haircut! I was just in the most amazing five acre garden that played beautifully on the studied negligence concept and it was a magical experience!

    1. It probably WASN'T an appropriate haircut....but, oh well.