Good and Plenty

~Autumn Joy Sedum~
They're in every flower bed here at Gatescroft!
Currently in the pink and
growing randomly or in order.

Surpassing all expectations of size,
 they unselfishly share the space
with garden art - rust and wood.
 Silently they speak.
"Abundance," they say.  "Good and plenty OF it!"


  1. Your 'Autumn Joy' is beautiful. I like it both mingling and in the more orderly setting. Your plants say the nicest things. Mine usually say things like, "Why are you so lazy?" and "When are you going to get around to watering us?"

    1. Well, I need to have a talk with yours! They are much too beautiful to complain!

  2. Your sedum are beautiful! Ours are just starting to turn. I always enjoy your garden art too.

  3. So nice to see the garden through the season.

  4. For some reason I can't get too excited about Sedum. I planted some two years ago just because I felt I should have some in the garden. It's nice, but doesn't thrill me. I do love the found objects on your fence, though!