What ARE They?

He called me away from my pleasurable read (My Garden, the City and Me:  Rooftop Adventures in the Wilds of London, by Helen Babbs) to tell me,"You ought to go look at those plants you brought from Dave's" (my brother who lives in North Carolina).
After marking my place carefully, I did!
 They've been slow to take hold in the northeast Indiana spot
in which I casually plunked them a few years ago.
This IS the best I've seen them!
And how I love the variegated leaves and demure lavender flowers!
(Actually, I think I've divided them a couple of times.
Maybe I interfered with their intentions, 
but now that I've established a bit of a border, 
I think I'll leave them alone to do their thing.)
Can anyone tell me what they are;
...and have I asked that before?????


  1. They are beautiful and I like they way you're dividing them to border your bed! I think they're Liriope muscari 'variegata' Happy gardening!

  2. Thanks! I'm going to put that in my sidebar & hopefully won't forget what I've go!

  3. pretty..they look like little spiders...the friendly kind. :)

  4. A wonderful plant indeed. Liriope will do well in Indiana and spread if you divide them up. Anytime is good for that. They will probably get some black berries on them after bloom.

    1. I'll keep a closer watch on them for those black berries :) Thanks for the encouraging word about their well-being in Indana :)

  5. Yes, I was thinking they are a liriope of some kind. Yes, they are spreaders. Thanks for visiting my post on goldenrod. You may want to find a better behaved kind, such as the Riddell's or Zigzag, rather than one from the road that may self sow more than you want it to.

  6. Now that they've established themselves they will make you a nice ground cover. The need very little care, just cut them back in spring.