Radically Altered

 My activity outside has been radically altered by knee replacement surgery last Tuesday.
I have tried for a little sun-therapy along with my physical therapy each day...
our little back porch providing an easily-accessible spot.
 I still rely on the printed copies of exercises here at home
and take advantage of a couple of railings for stability when outside.
Yesterday, the wind wafted the pages from the seat of my walker.
My husband was temporarily off the property,
so rather than foolishly attempting to retrieve them myself,
I threw a few weights on top of them to hold them safely until he returned.
(One gets very creative when faced with such challenges!)
What a beautiful season!  
How disappointed I am not to be able to do simple tasks like:
  • picking up the walnuts falling rapidly from the tree
  • snipping off the sucker shoots growing from some young trees and bushes
  • emptying water accumulating in the birdbath
  • pulling weeds
  • dead-heading the white roses that stubbornly refuse to quit blooming


  1. That was smart thinking! I can see that this really changes things for you, but in a short while you'll be doing much better!

  2. We had our animals altered...

    I wish you a smooth and speedy recovery. Although your world is seriously altered for a time, you'll be able to fully heal before spring draws you back outside to play!

    1. Well! I guess things could have been been MORE radically altered :)

  3. That was smart thinking to hold on to your papers. Take care and heal well!

  4. I hope your recovery is quick! Judy had a hip replacement which was not fun, and I've heard knees take longer. Do you have one of those grabber things, can't remember what they are called. Those can be helpful.

  5. You are a clever and resourceful woman (referring to the weights you put on top of your paper instructions the blew to the ground). I have been glancing through all of your blogs (per your profile) and am enjoying your sense of humor, beauty, and photography.

    I hope your knee heals quickly and well. My hubby had a replacement 3 years ago, so I have an idea of what you are facing. Hang in there. It gets better with time (and faithfulness to the physical therapy).

  6. Hello (again). After sending that last comment, I saw that you are no stranger to joint replacement. Bless you. You are a Bionic Woman!

  7. I feel for you, seeing things you want to do, but not being able to. I hope your knee heals well and not too slowly. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog post. Sometimes I feel like posts like that may be boring to people. I'm glad you like it.