Aster or DISaster?

 In spite of my weak camera/photography skills,
 can anyone tell me if I have an aster here?  
(Or is it a disaster?)
You can click and click again on any picture to enlarge it...
I planted an aster either last season or the one before in this general area.
I thought I put a marker at the spot but have hunted for it all summer.
Suddenly (almost as sudden as the mammoth dandelions that have appeared lately)
this plant showed up!
What do you think?  Does anyone know?
Is it or isn't it?
Should I pull it or keep it?


  1. Well I don't have any Asters personally but from what photos I've seen, it could be. It forms a big clump with lots of buds like a Mum does also.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Cher, It definitely has lots of buds.... I thought I remembered the flowers being a bit blue-er than they are. That is what first attracted me to them...

  3. This looks very much like an Aster to me, almost like a double Aster. The ones I had were a single row of petals. Love to mix them with Mums.

    Kathy S