Labor Day 2011

I had some artificial flowers strategically placed,
hoping it would warm up enough
to enjoy our grilled burgers outside..
but 61 degrees was as high as it got!
We decided to eat inside, but later in the
afternoon we wandered into the backyard
 for some croquet...
 and a brisk corn hole competition!
Me?  Mostly I watched from the green chair (below)
covered with a cozy afghan!
It felt SO good!
(And the coffee TASTED pretty good, too!)


  1. Glad you enjoyed the day with family. Interesting...what you call corn hole competition, we call washers. We toss large washers towards the holes. I think some paint a colored area around the hole sometimes to earn different points.

  2. Looks like a nice fun and relaxing day with good people and good food. What more could anyone want!
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. That's a pretty cool temp. But looks like a nice family get together. We had one too but it was in the hight 80s here.

  4. Rebecca for a moment I thought those were real flowers they are so pretty ! It is amazing how cold it was there for you .. it was dull gray and humid here during the weekend .. when it wasn't raining that is. It looks like everyone had fun though .. so that made it a great occasion in spite of the weather !

  5. Way cool seeing folks playing lawn games. I used to love doing that but haven't in a long time. Must start back soon. Neat on the corn hole competition.