Maybe Next Year???

 Tall & elegant,
vivid and velvety
 And where have they been all my life?
or in juxtaposition with other blooms...
a real attraction!
I saw these at our County Extension garden.
I need to do a little more research to see if they're
a possibility in our beds.
I'm not crazy about the foliage--
but OH!  Those flowers!


  1. You are right, gorgeous flowers. Hardy would be even better and I think they might be.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  3. They also dry nice and can be used indoors all year that way.

  4. When it comes to flowers there is always something new to enjoy!

  5. Beautiful flowers, they can grown from seed, wish you have them in your own garden next year.

  6. I love these but have not had luck with them in my GA gardens. My MIL sent me some dried ones when I lived in Germany. I used them in Floral arranging. Seeds fell out of the package so I stuck them in a flower planter on our balcony. They thrived in that planter and I had my own supply of flowers to dry and work with. Like I said, no luck here though. Sigh...

    Skeeter (In the Garden with Tina)

  7. Hey there Rebecca! Beautiful photos!
    I have some cockscomb in my garden but it's not planted as thick as the last photo you showed. That looks so lush and head high? WOW!
    About two weeks ago, I picked my flowers and have them drying. Hope I didn't wait too long because I think alot of the seed was already fallin out. lol I'd love to learn how to grow it like your county extension garden! Looks like they just planted it really close together?

  8. I LOVE those celosias especially the pointy ones. I grew them a few years ago but don't really have any room for them now. Great photos!