If you can't lick 'em....

 ...JOIN 'em!
Recent rains have encouraged the proliferation
of some VERY large dandelions around here!
Unfortunately, I'm dealing with some severe shoulder pain
and haven't been able to keep ahead of them...
Has this ever happened to you?
(What's YOUR excuse????)
Fortunately, the same rain that encourages weeds
also produces some wonderful plants and flowers...


  1. Don't you just hate them. I would personally pull out the roundup. :)
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Cher, Good idea! They just seem to have come out of NOwhere. One day - none. The next day - HUGE!

  3. I've been dealing with them also. The heat this year has allowed the weeds to go crazy. I like that last flower though real well. I started following you today if you'd like to follow back that's fine.
    Ohio Outdoors

  4. I love the disk with the dandelion in the center. We could use some rain here to clean and encourage plants. It's been a long time.

  5. I also planted some of the plants, and waiting for rain. Your all plants looks very green and beautiful. It is very hard to good plant.