September Miscellany

Yesterday I took advantage of the cooler weather to work
in this small area beside our house. 
I divided a hosta from another spot
and put in smack in the center (behind the black ball) here.
Then we uprooted a smaller sedum and put it to the left of the ball
to balance the larger one already growing beside the tree.
While looking over other parts of the yard,
I saw various spots of white. 

I like the way it "punctuates" the garden-scape...
I decided to purchase a white mum and will look for a good place to plant it
for additional autumn "punctuation"!
 I was assured it was a "hardy" one (even though the label didn't say so).
I'm always a little doubtful. 
Guess I'll know next season...
 THIS particular mum (above) has certainly proven to be hardy!
I've divided it many, many times and it prospers whereEVER it is placed!
I also came home with these two Heuchera (Southern Comfort).
I don't have this particular variety - and for $1.49@ decided to purchase them.
I'll look for a place to put them later today...
I really don't have room for ANYthing else!


  1. Very nice Rebecca. My kind of stuff, Heuchera, Hosta and Sedum.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Your garden is so lovely!!! My various plantings didn't do very well this year due to the drought and heat, but there's always next year! :-)
    thanks for your encouraging comments!

  3. The whites in your garden are lovely, Rebecca.