Extreme Makeover

Tonight we were sitting in our yard reading. 
 I was on the list to get this book when it became available at our public library. 
It became available, and I was delighting in it
 I looked up and saw this bush as it IS
 and as it COULD be.
 I couldn't rest until it was done!
 Of course that meant that neither could my husband.
It's done now.
What a difference!
Dare I call it an Extreme Makeover?
(In my next post, I'll introduce you to our newest plants
transplanted from a friend's beautiful back yard earlier today.)


  1. Wow! I would never have seen what it could become. Looks great!

  2. what kind of bush is that?? wow, definitely an extreme makeover from a ver visionary person! My next door neighbors transplanted some hosta around the electrical box out front and they have been limp...wonder if they won't perk up until next season? But yours look great!

    1. So far, so good....Probably not the best time to transplant hosta....but nights are still so cool I thought I'd give it a shot.

    2. And I have no idea what kind of bush it is. I used to know but forget frequently. It DOES have white blossoms & berries, too.... Maybe viburnum?