What's Wrong with this Picture?

Today I retrieved some plants from
the yard of a friend who was putting a few of her beds back to "pasture".
I've tucked them in to the rare vacant spots in my own,
but on the way to do so, I saw to my astonishment that my mums are blooming!
What's WRONG with this picture?
In spite of my cutting them back a couple of weeks ago
(also way ahead of time)
there are buds on a few and THESE are opening.
What's left for July?  August?  September?  October?


  1. It's a crazy year for plants. Who knows what the rest of the year will bring!

  2. My Pink ones are blooming in May, instead of June, but I have buds on my burgundy ones that usually don't bloom until August. Weird year for sure.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

    1. I'm not sure whether to cut them back again or not, Cher. D'ya suppose I could get a second blooming from them????

  3. My that is early. I'm not sure why either.

  4. I just noticed yesterday that I have blooms opening on my aromatic aster - which normally blooms in late September/early October. It's really worrisome.

  5. Mine did the same thing.. beautiful blooms that are already fading..I think I will cut mine back and see what happens. Today I noticed that one of our dogwood trees seems to be dying. And we lost an apple tree.. My yard changes from year to year without me doing a thing.. Birds plant new trees and old ones die..The hurricane took out some.. constant change..