Rain and Rainbows

We went to the back of our lot to get a view of the rainbow
we were sure must be in the sky as the rain poured down
with sunlight streaming brightly in the east.
We weren't disappointed
(except for the telephone lines that interrupted 
a clear view).
In the upper picture, the faint second bow is slightly visible
above the brighter, lower one.
BEFORE the rain...
my husband split an architectural piece/pole
we'd "found" somewhere.
He then fastened the two on either side of the door to
my part of our shed.  I ♥ it!
 And here are the necks of the 3 bottles in the
fern bed.  Do you see the yellow, red and green?
It just "happened" that way
but the effect is very cheerful.


  1. It's such a bright one! Those lines are always in my way too. :)

  2. Very pretty rainbow, Rebecca and great addition to the door...very clever use!