Before the Rain

 The Fern Bed has really thrived with all of this spring's rain.
 One of the "Three Sisters" (as we call our three viburnum bushes) is about ready to bloom.
 Lost.  The identifying marker for this low-to-the-ground perennial, so beautiful right now...

Yesterday, my husband/groundskeeper
mowed the lawn with a new mower blade.
This is already the 4th mowing this spring!
I dug out some dandelions and pruned a rose bush.
For the first time, I sprinkled about 1/2 cup of  Epsom salts 
around the roots of the rose bush.
The gentle rain early this morning 
made us glad we'd done the yard work yesterday!


  1. Oh please tell us about epsom salts and rose bushes!

  2. Sandy, I looked it up on the internet 'causwe I'd heard about it on a garden radio program. This is what I found: When and How to Apply

    Early in the spring, apply Epsom salt to roses at a rate of one tbsp. for each foot of plant height, with repeat applications every two weeks. Use this dissolved in water, or mixed into the soil's surface around each plant before watering. When setting out new bare-root rose bushes, soak the plants in a bucket of 1/2 cup Epsom salt per one gallon of water for several hours or overnight to revitalize the roots. Add one tbsp. of Epsom salt to each rose planting hole, mixing it with the soil. Healthy established rose shrubs will benefit from 1/2 cup of Epsom salt scratched into the surface of the soil around the plant base in the spring. Use an Epsom salt solution as a weekly pesticide spray; a suggested rate is 1/2 cup per gallon of water.

    Read more: Roses & Epsom Salt | Garden Guides

  3. How blessed are you to get rain after garden work. Enjoy it!

  4. The low-growing perennial is beautiful! So are your ferns. What kind are they? They look like Cinammon Ferns.

  5. Sweetbay,

    I KNEW someone would ask about the name of that low-growing perennial! Of course it is yet another that I have lost the marker for. I'm sure I bought it years ago because of its sweet blue-violet flowers. I shall have to re-identify it and write it down in a garden journal!

    Thanks for visiting me!