This Morning's Workout

Moved rocks to expand this bed.  Husband will help this afternoon.
Removed some invasive plants.
Three piles worth of winter debris.
One of three newly purchased perennials...
The second...
The third one.
I should remember what this is, but I don't.
A young clematis about to bloom.
We're not done yet!


  1. Your garden looks so pretty! I love getting the beds cleaned out. Your mystery plant looks like Epimedium, my new favorite for dry shade. My Clematis look about the same stage as yours.

  2. Yes! I recognize that name! That's what they are, Catherine. I wrote it down last year, but can't remember where I wrote it :(

    Thank you!

  3. I love Epimedium. I also love your last picture. It is always such a day of celebration to bring out all the summer furniture.