A Fine Tip and a Finishing Touch

One of our rosebushes stands behind the white, seatless chair..
"This is what I was told by a brilliant gardener and then seconded by another: When 'dead heading' roses throughout the season, go down the stem counting the clusters of leaves. Normally they are in threes (who knew?) when you reach a group of four (5) leaves, snip just above them. Supposedly the technique guarantees lush flowers for months."  So says Tish Jett here.  (I suppose most of you already knew that.  I didn't.)
The chairs have been moved to the newly created "tree-bed".
I'm going to enjoy this spot!
The "finishing touch"


  1. The "tree-bed" is marvelous. I can imagine many an evening (or afternoon) spent with friends, enjoying conversation and a cold beverage.

  2. I was told it was a cluster of 5 leaves. Your chairs look inviting. It is only 4 degrees above freezing here and very wet.

  3. Several comments on said site suggest that it probably IS a 5 leaf cluster instead of 4....

  4. I wish me and Myguy were sitting in those chairs with you and yourguy. lol Oh what a time that would be! -- I love those adirondack chairs and have those on my garden wish list. Are they super comfy?

  5. I forgot to ask... are you gonna PLANT that seatless chair?! Love everything you do Rebecca and that finishing touch rocks.