It Was a Very Good Day

Last evening, I watched as my husband unloaded two trailer loads of mulch around our newly formed tree-bed.  He borrowed the trailer from a friend and our neighbor Jim's pick-up. I sat with Jim's wife, Shirley, on their front porch and watched.
 Below is the ONLY tulip that bloomed in our yard this year
(and at that, quite late)!
 The lily-of-the-valley just began blooming yesterday.  
They make the fairly large St. Francis appear small!
Maybe it's the camera angle...
 A few feet further toward the front of the lot,
this tree blooms in all its splendor.
It seems to me that each year it appears a little differently.
I SHOULD organize & compare my photos.
 Earlier in the day (while Blogger was out-of-order),
I sat on our back porch and read.
 This was the sight from my chair...
It was a VERY good day to enjoy the outdoors!
If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero


  1. Everything looks so pretty! Perect for sitting, reading and enjoying.

  2. I'm inspired by your tree bed! I jokingly said we should put a 20' radius of mulch around our tree to solve our grass problems. But your big area looks great! However, your tree is about 50 times bigger than ours so it might not have the same effect!

  3. Your landscaping is beautiful! I'm having mulch-envy...we need a tri-axle load. We will all expect on-going photo documentation, ya know.

  4. How beautiful Rebecca, especially the view from your chair! I'd say you're well ahead of us. The new tree bed is lovely, I look forward to see it planted. :)

  5. Always nice to have time to enjoy the garden. Nice too to have help unloading mulch!

  6. Such a beautiful place to sit and enjoy the view.