Spurts and Sprouts

Most of the winter pile of lawn furniture and yard art has been distributed. 
For more on THAT subject, see Yard Furnished by Thrift.
Otherwise, it's mostly "Spurts and Sprouts" here  in the flowerbed department.
 I took a break from inside chores to check the progress 
of the buds and blossoms yesterday afternoon. 
The tree (above) is just about to break out in a glorious display. 
 This ground cover is beginning to show its yellow finery...
while the creeping phlox are starting to respond to the rare snatches of
sunlight that punctuate our rainy days.
This transplanted grape hyacinth seems to be adjusting to its new home.  
Thanks to a friend, I now have four or five mounds of color 
gracing one of my flower beds.
Two bleeding hearts so far.  Alone.  Together.

Hey!  It's not to late to "name that plant"!
Is it a weed?  Is it a keeper?
Should it stay or should it go?


  1. You're getting some nice blooms there.
    I don't know on your mystery plant. Is it the only one? Weeds seem to like coming in clusters. Good luck.

  2. Fun to observe as each little plant returns to blossom. I have seen your mystery plant before and will try to locate info, I believe it is a non-weed an possibly an herb. I recently learned that I have a lot more "herbs" in my garden then I knew. So often we only think of herbs as the common culinary ones. I'll be back ~ Jacque

  3. Hyacinths remind me of my Granma.....she had them down her sidewalk and we were NOT allowed to touch them. And we didn't.