Can YOU Help Me?

OK.  Here's the dilemma...Every year I pull out some legitimate flowers, thinking them to be weeds.  No matter how I mark them, seems the markers disappear over the winter.  SO....can anyone tell me if the above plant is a weed or a flower???  It is about 18" tall (seems a little "mature" for a real flower...)
Just above the middle of this cluster is the first bud to unfold...
I am VERY impatient to see the entire cluster in bloom. 
I don't know what I anticipate more--the sight or the scent!
Every year, lilacs surprise me all over again
by their beauty.


  1. I don't know what it is, but it looks very pretty. I'd vote to keep it.

  2. Rebecca Rebecca ... I haven't the faintest what it is... but I second Creekside Rummager's motion and vote: KEEP! Whatever it is.... she's a beauty! Love them lilacs too. Mmmmm God's perfume!!

  3. Rebecca, does it look like this to you?

    Goutweed is the bane of my gardening life. I hate it beyond words. But some people do plant it. It spreads like wildfire, and we have to pull it out every few days.

    Your lilacs are about 3 weeks ahead of mine!

  4. Nan, I get so confused looking at goutweed images. I really don't THINK that is what this particular plant is - first of all 'cause the leaves look different. (But then I see several variety of goutweed.....????) I think I DO have the variety of goutweed with the white around the edges of the leaves :(

    Another reason I don't think it's goutweed is that it seems to be the ONLY plant growing there. If g.w. I suspect I've have a LOT more.

    Thanks for the heads up about goutweed. I'm going to keep an eye on this plant and be sure it doesn't spread.

  5. You're right! You wouldn't have just ONE! Plus yours looks fuzzy ? and goutweed isn't.

  6. Could your mystery plant be the one show on Margaret's site: