Inspired (as usual) by my daily fix at the Tangly Cottage Gardening Journal
which included the photo of a sweet bouquet, 
I headed out to see what I could find to assemble one for the Salad & Dessert Luncheon
I will host at noon.
 I don't have NEARLY the variety or amount of flowers to choose from,
but  I'm pleased with the randomness that resulted!
I'm not sure the clematis will survive its cut-flower status,
but for the moment, I will enjoy it.
I'm not sure WHY it takes an "occasion" (or a prompt)
for me to remember to bring flowers inside...


  1. It's a beautiful bouquet, and I really like your vase too.

  2. I agree with Mari! Like you I seldom bring flowers inside because I enjoy them so much outside.

  3. You brought them in to enjoy! They're beautiful.